Makarizo Shares All About Hair With Amanda Rawless & Tasya Kissty At Big Bang Jakarta 2019

All About Hair With Amanda Rawless & Tasya Kissty At Big Bang Jakarta 2019

Makarizo Shares All About Hair With Amanda Rawless & Tasya Kissty At Big Bang Jakarta 2019

Jakarta, December 28 2019 – Closing in 2019, Makarizo, one of the leading hair care brands announced their halal certification by holding a sharing session about hair with its Brand Ambassadors, Amanda Rawless and Tasya Kissty, accompanied by Makarizo Team in Big Bang Jakarta 2019, JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

“Since the beginning, Makarizo has always been committed to producing and delivering quality products to loyal customers, be it professional products or daily at-home consumer products. We develop good quality products with technology on a regular basis. In 2019 we have obtained Halal certification from LPPOM MUI for all Makarizo products. “said #TeamMakarizo.

“Halal is not only an obligation for Muslims, but for the non-Muslims, Halal label provides a guarantee of the quality and safety of a product.” #TeamMakarizo continued

#TeamMakarizo explained, as a brand used by people from a wide range of age demographic, Makarizo chose Amanda Rawless and Tasya Kissty as their Brand Ambassadors, whose enthusiasm, achievement, and positive energy is very inspiring both to their fans.

“We are inspired by the values and personalities of these two Brand Ambassadors. We believe, Amanda Rawless and Tasya Kissty are the right choice to represent our brand that is youthful, creative, passionate, and innovative.” #TeamMakarizo explained.

“I am very proud to be one of Makarizo Brand Ambassadors, to introduce Makarizo, a local brand with international quality that has met international standards and is now Halal certified. This proves that Makarizo is a brand that always pays attention to the needs of its consumers.” said Amanda Rawles.

Tasya Kissty added, “Makarizo is such a familiar brand for me. I’ve been wearing hijab for a while, but at the beginning my hair was very problematic. Hair loss and dandruff were the main issues and the hair care product that has really helped me was Makarizo. It wasn’t a surprise to me though cause I know the brand is the champion in the world of hair care,” said Tasya. “It’s great to be able to join the Makarizo family, especially since it has been Halal certified because it’s very important for me.”

This is the first year that Makarizo participated in Big Bang Jakarta, the biggest bazaar exhibition in 2019. “Seeing the success of our previous exhibitions, such as the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran and Cosmobeaute, we are confident that we can achieve this success at the Jakarta Big Bang event. We’re offering interesting promo prices from the best hair care products, both professional and consumer products.” said #TeamMakarizo

By the end of this event, Makarizo invited visitors and their Brand Ambassadors to reflect on the last decade and share their aspirations in 2020 by symbolically painting on a bag. “We were inspired by Tasya Kissty who lives in the creative world. Along with our loyal consumers, we would like to welcome a new year. A fantastic, innovative, and a year full of positive energy. “#TeamMakarizo explained

“We are very proud to have joined Makarizo,” Amanda said. “And to be aligned with their campaign called #BeEnergyBePositive, we will always share this positive energy wherever we are,” Tasya.